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It places flags by businesses on the appropriate days, gives instruction on flag etiquette to students in the local school, and presents programs on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Students also are encouraged to participate in the annual Legion oratorical contest. Its 1963 team won the North Dakota American Legion Class B championship. The other three state titlist teams in that tournament were from Winona, MN; Watertown, SD, and Milwaukee, WI, which nine won the regional crown. The post remained very active in its early years supporting Legion activities.

They served their nation and North Dakota with honor and distinction. They provided North Dakota and its military with an unequaled record of accomplishment. Scattered throughout the United States, there are numerous monuments dedicated to the men and women who have served this nation during its wars. Some of these monuments have become great national shrines, where each year our citizens gather to pay homage to those who first gained our freedom and to those who followed and fought to retain it.

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The American Legion at Finley was chartered August 6, 1919, under the name of William G. Peterson Post 13. The post name was changed October 24, 1946, to include the name of Orville Olson who was the first of this community to lose his life in World War II. The name became Peterson-Olson Post 13. In August of 1950, the Legion post turned the money in its building fund over to the City of Washburn. In return, the Legion has the privilege of using three rooms in the basement. Due to inability to maintain the minimum required membership, the post discontinued operations in 1933. When many veterans returned home after WW II, Post 10 was reorganized and was issued its present charter Jan. 2, 1946, by national headquarters.

Florence Kimball Post

He was buried in the American Cemetery Meuse Argonne France. The post enrolled an all-time high membership of 77 in 1948. Edward Anton Broberg was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota on November 22, 1890. He was inducted into the Army at Williston on March 29, 1918. He served overseas from May 27, 1918 until he was Killed in Action in France on Sept. 30, 1918. He is buried at the American Cemetery Meuse-Argonne France.

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  • The Grand Opening was held March 9, 1974, after a busy fall and winter, when many members and community people donated time and talents to work on the interior of the building.
  • On May 20, 1926, Rev. F.A.J. Meyer was the Decoration Day speaker for a program held at the Lutheran church.
  • A program later is dedicated to the Honored Dead, with the Adjutant reading the Roll of Honor.

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Business owners will be assessed payments over ten years with no interest. The Anamoose Area Community Fund gave four grants totaling $3900. The Raiders at the end of the night, in front of a large, loud Drake-Anamoose fan section, brought home more that just the coveted State Championship title. Head coach, Anthony Cook, received the Coach of the Year award. The Raiders received an award for having the best record in the independent league season. Lastly, Sophomore Elijiah Nickelson, and Juniors Jaylee Brandt, Payton Martin and Hunter Fletschock were named to the 6-man All-State team.

We take part in the Memorial Day program and prepare and serve the food for the Veterans Day supper. In 1955, the post along with Towner County Commissioners checked into the possibility of getting a new National Guard Armory. With much work, along with the local Guard unit and county and city governments, this became a reality. The post obtained the lots for the armory and donated them to the county. The post donated 30 per cent of this money and, in return, received a rent-free meeting room. Many New England Legionnaires have served as district, regional and department officers, as well as serving on many district and department committees. The post sends representatives to district meetings and to department conventions and conferences. The post was named in honor of Anton Ulijohn, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Ulijohn of New England. Entering the Army June 13, 1917, he arrived in France Dec. 15, 1917.

Statewide Legionnaires were invited to attend this total American Legion function. Post 2 has always been ready to provide Boys State with needed items, such as flags and flag stands. Since 1947, this annual Christmas project has provided “good as new” renovated toys to underprivileged children so they, too, may experience the joys of Christmas. The program has grown extensively, with thousands of families donating used toys—some families have done this over three generations. Through this caring, they have shared in the spirit of Christmas giving along with the hundreds of volunteers who repaired, wrapped and delivered the toys at Christmas time. The 164th Infantry Regiment was an outstanding military organization that subsequently accumulated over 600 days of jungle combat in Guadalcanal, Bouganville, Leyte, Cebu, Bohol and Negros.

There were 24 charter members, and the post grew rapidly in membership in the following months. The M. J. McElvain Post 152 received its national organizational charter on January 27, 1920. Irwin Elmer Gainer was born at Neche, North Dakota on June 2, 1894. He enlisted in the North Dakota National Guard at Grafton, North Dakota on Jul 27, 917.

The post was named after Melvin E. Bender, who was born in Heaton, ND, April 15, 1917. He joined the Marine Corps in Los Angeles in August 1938. During World War II, while serving in the Asiatic Pacific Theater, he was captured and died December 17, 1943, while incarcerated as a prisoner of war at Kobe, Japan. McKinley, U.S. Military Cemetery, Manila, Philippine Islands. On February 28, 1963, Post 263 was the recipient of the Annual Americanism Citation for participation in the Department Americanism Program. The award recognizes worthwhile and outstanding service to its community. Also recognized that night were Almont Legionnaires with 20 years of continuous membership. They included Hoovestol, Conrad Christianson, Clarence Christianson, Johan Kilen, Ben Ramsland, Tobias Ramsland, Rudolph Feland, Peter Thorson, Levi Dawson, Cleo Smith, Harvey Thorson and Carl Fallgren. Alden Olson, a past 7th district commander, was the recipient of a 15-year award.

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This center has become the hub for most Leeds activities and the meeting place for Leeds organizations – including Leeds Post 101. The War Mother’s Memorial Stone was placed at the Firemen’s Memorial Park. In 1950, remodeling and modernization of the building began. The Mother’s Memorial Stone which had been situated in the Great Northern Memorial Site was moved and placed in front of the hall. That simple convenience was a 1934 project of Henry Biffatt, Post 100 at Hebron. It passed from being a popular watering hole into a thing of the past in the early 1940s when wartime travel was severely curtailed.

The Weber-Irgens Post 197 received its national organizational charter on November 3, 1920. The Hansen-Jenson Post 196 received its national organizational charter on September 7, 1920. The Griffin-Olson Post 192 received its national organizational charter on June 8, 1920. The Lester W. Peterson Post 191, initially the Theodore Anderson Post 191, received its national organizational charter on June 1, 1920. The Post reorganized as the Lester W. Peterson Post 191 and received its second national charter on March 22, 1946. The Ross Chapman Post 190, initially located in Shields, North Dakota, received its national organizational charter on May 19, 1920.

Those serving on the committee were George Ulmer, Philip Wiseman and Ernie Tollefson. Myron B. Johnson was born at Elbowoods, North Dakota on September 26, 1948. He entered the United States Army at Fargo, North Dakota on January 22, 1970. Thomas F. Badgun was born at Elbowoods, North Dakota on October 8, 1912. He was buried at the Congregational Cemetery at Elbowoods.

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This tradition continued until the late 1940s when pheasants became scarce. They then changed the menu to chicken and a crew was assembled on the second weekend in September to kill, scald and pick chickens and dress them for the dinner. Duane Tayer was the head of this committee until the creamery was closed and the post no longer picked the chickens. The chicken dinner continues on the second Monday in September.

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Clubroom facilities for the Legion were provided in the new structure. Charles Edward Kern was born in Pembina, North Dakota on July 16, 1894. He was inducted at Cavalier, North Dakota on May 27, 1918. He served in France from July 6, 1918 with Company B, 362nd Infantry.

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