The trapezius, the Hat, triangular muscle that extends out and

triangular muscleAs you bft,

your elbows come toward the

front, not out to the side.

Hold at the point of

maximum serratus

contraction, then lower the

dumbbells slowly back to the

starting position, feeling the

serratus stretch once more.

During the movement, be sure

trapezius triangular

to k eep your elbows, and the

dumbbells, as close to your

body as possible.



The Muscles of the Back

The trapezius, the Hat, triangular muscle that extends out and

down from the neck and then down between the shoulder blades.

BASIC FUNCTION: To raise the entire shoulder girdle

The latissimus dorsi, the large triangular muscles that extend

from under the shoulders down to the small of the back 011 both


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These are the largest where to order steroids online muscles of the upper body.

BASIC FUNCTION: To pull the shoulders downward

and to the back

The spinal erectors, several muscles in the lower back that guard

the nerve channels and help keep the spine erect.

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They are also

spine erect

the slowest muscles in the body to recuperate from heavy exerCIse .

BASIC FUNCTION: To hold the spine erect

Spinal erectors



Training the Back

Developing a broad, thick, and massive back is absolutely necessary in the creation of a quality bodybuilding physique.

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back muscles are essential for lifting and carrying heavy weight,

and a highly muscular back has always been considered the measure of a man’s strength steroids uk

“My back is a weapon I use to destroy my opponents/’ says

two-time Mr. Olympia winner Franco Columbu. “I place my

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